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    Welcome to Port Marine Solutions Limited As a managing director of Port Marine Solutions Limited hereafter known as “PMSL” it falls upon me to introduce to you our company profile. PMSL, is a highly innovative business which was formed in 2014, which seeks to offer a specific role in developing the East African market by providing highly competitive engineering solutions. I have personally been in this business for over a decade, this has allowed me to be part of the major port and marine infrastructure growth in Tanzania and East Africa. In this period I have seen the vibrant growth in demand towards the services PMSL offers. As far as our company is concerned, I have always preferred keeping a low profile. Being the biggest has never been an issue; I have rather always been a strong believer in following the road of quality and service. Lately, I have embraced and developed more and more in this specific business industry which is highly competitive in East Africa. This is a challenging sector where the stakes are very high and where you can only be successful when your business ethics and culture radiates nothing short of excellent service and offers quality products. Our work ranges from the most modern technology, such as automating systems by and supply of heavy duty machineries. We treasure our customer relationship and as a result our sales development department is always looking for partners who can not only offer competitive prices but superior services and diverse product line. PMSL is committed to providing a true one-stop shop experience and continually strives for operational excellence through innovative business practices and never-ending measured improvements.
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  •  V O I C E O F T H E C U S T O M E R
    At PMSL we always focus on the voice of the customer, which helps us understand business and needs. We analyze your information and give practical business solutions. We add our expertise, knowledge and experience to develop a winning solution that will allow you OUR customer to be successful in your projects. KEY CUSTOMER TANZANIA ELECTRICAL MECHANICAL ELECTRONIC AGENCY (TEMESA) TANZANIA PORTS AUTHORITY (TPA) ZANZIBAR PORTS CORPORATION (ZPC)
  •  O U R A I M & G O A L
    Aim Your operators will be fully trained by our engineering team allowing you to manage your basic maintenance and the equipment will be highly commissioned with our technical support team. In an event of major failure or down time, our service department will be available to provide time and cost saving assistance. Goal To be an East African supply chain provider proposing secured “intelligent” and “alternative” 360° solutions to our customers, and being recognized as excellent in the eyes of the customers, employees and the other important stakeholders of the organization.
  •  V I S I O N & M I S S I O N
    Vision To become competent and the most trusted business enterprise enabling mechanical, marine engineering industry to operate to its maximum capacity. For the future, we need to strive for excellence in everything we do. In a highly competitive market, innovation in services proposed must be a constant concern. We hereby encourage the creativity of our staff and their skill set development by providing consistent and appropriate trainings. Mission Our aim is to be a successful company providing world-class service support for heavy duty mechanical lifting equipment, marine engineering solutions and oil and gas supply chain. What sets us apart is our ability to develop and maintain mutually beneficial long-term business relationships and most importantly our people. With the support of the whole PMSL team, we hereby undertake to fulfil the mission of the company and help it realize its vision.
  •  O H & P O L I C Y
    PORT MARINE SOLUTIONS LIMITED ATTEMPTS TO: Comply with applicable national, regional and local Occupational, Health, and Safety Authority ('OHSA') regulations and statutory obligations and other requirements as appropriate. We will develop, implement and maintain OH&S management systems aligned with our commitments and beliefs and consistent with world-class standards. We will drive continuous improvement in OH&S through setting and reviewing targets, assessing and reporting OH&S performance, using appropriate best available practices and providing all employees with appropriate training; Prevent injury and ill health to employees and contractors by providing a safe and healthy working environment and by minimizing risks associated with occupational hazards; Improve and enhance environmental conditions and avoid, reduce or mitigate the environmental impacts to neighboring communities in areas that we operate including air and water emissions and noise; Conserve natural resources, through adopting environmentally friendly and energy efficient technology and process improvements. We are committed to managing waste from our operations and we will adopt the principles of waste avoidance, reuse, recycling and beneficial utilization to minimize discharge and disposal to the environment; Promote a positive OH&S culture within our organization through effective communication, participation and consultation with employees in the workplace; Ensure identification, assessment and prioritization of the hazards and risks associated with all operational activities on a continuous basis. Each employee must create a culture of accident and injury elimination by assisting in the recognition and mitigation of workplace hazards. Implement regular health surveillance and risk-based monitoring of employees; Influence our contractors and suppliers to adopt principles and practices adopted by us and in accordance with our own policies; Communicate with all our stakeholders on the progress and performance of OH&S management. Provide necessary resources for effective OH&S management. Ensure recognition by our employees, customers, regulators, and the public as a company with superior OH&S performance. We will measure and report progress against this policy and review performance on a periodic basis to ensure ongoing management of occupational, health and safety. By Management: PMSLAt Port Marine Solutions Limited, we believe in sustainable development and are committed to effective management of occupational, health and safety as an integral part of our business. The health and safety of our employees and any other person who may be impacted by Port Marine Solutions Limited operations is of paramount importance and our aim is zero harm to people.
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