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  •  P O R T
    PMSL provides full range of services for cargo and port terminals across Tanzania. We assure you our quality standards are unmatched in the industry. We provide machinery that moves cargo quickly, safely and efficiently thanks to innovative features like our economical and environmentally compatible drive systems by our world renowned manufacturer. Customer loyalty is built through great service quality, for that reason our approach to service is simple – a single, responsive point of contact to address all of your needs and serve as your go-to expert. We understand how important quick response and uptime are to you. We offer Field Service – our manufacturer-trained technicians come to you for on-site service, repairs and maintenance. PMSL, your experts develop state-of-the-art solutions for planning, equipping and operating your ports and terminals, today, tomorrow and beyond. Inquire for all type of Port equipment, Industrial lifting equipment warehouse handling equipment, attachments such as Cranes, Spreaders, Grabs, Terminal Tractors, aerial work platform, jacks, scissor hand pallet truck, trolley, and much more from European top brands. Inquire for all type of material handling equipment & industrial equipment parts and accessories such as electrical, hydraulic, engine, transmission, seats, lights, bearing, O-rings kits, and much more from European top brands.
  •  M A R I N E
    PMSL, provides a wide range of solutions for all type of marine vessels, on-shore and off-shore marine equipment’s across Tanzania. We provide solutions for any kind of marine engine and spare parts, liferaft, and life jackets. PMSL provides widest range of navaids products in market such as aid to navigation, all types of bouys, remote monitoring control, oceanography tsunami, renewable energies, atex equipment, vessel traffic systems/VTS, obstruction lights for navigation, lighting protection equipment and led lighting project. Inquire for all type of marine vessels, firefighting, marine propulsions systems for vessels of all sizes and types and innovative specializing in the development, design, production and marketing of azimuthing propulsion and maneuvering systems.
  •  O I L & G A S
    PMSL, provides a range of services to the oil and gas sector. Our major Product and services portfolio includes surface and offshore services for producers focused on drilling, producing gas and associated gas services. With multi-discipline expertise in instrumentation, mechanical, fluid connector, filtration systems, automation, pipeline and safety works standard parts, we can provide services for all rigging items such slings, shackles, bulldog clips, safety gear and much more.
  •  T R A I N I N G
    PMSL, provides tailor made trainings in partnership with Belgium business entity under the name of Global Port Training knowns as GPT. The objective of the training is the necessary knowledge and skills to manipulate loads manually in a safe and ergonomic way. These trainings can be facilitated local and internationally, depending on our customer requirement. We provide the following training:- General Training Manual Lifting, Communication (of safety issues) Port Operations Docket / Port worker Lashing & Securing Signal man Foreman Foreman Lashing & securing Lifting gear and use lifting gear Tallyman Rolling Equipment Forklift, Tug-master – RO-RO Straddle-carrier Reach Stacker Empty Container Handle Cranes Mobile harbor crane Bridge crane / Ship-to-Shore Crane (STS) Rail mounted gantry, RTG and RMG Cranes on board / Ship’s Gear Crane operator selection – C.O.S.T (Crane Operator Selection Test) Inquire for any kind of other training related to industrial equipment, marine, oil & gas, safety and tailor made training requirements.
  •  S P E C I A L S E R V I C E S
    Preventative maintenance Field breakdown service Fully equipped fleet services High level manufacturer technical support Major annual detailed inspections & refurbishment Hydraulic hose repair and replacement Quality service is our goal, and to support our goal, we recommend the use of trusted and genuine replacement parts for your equipment, which will: Maximize the resale value of your equipment and optimize the productivity and life span of the equipment Replacement parts carry a one year warranty Our parts are backed by our world-class Parts Distribution Centre and have been carefully selected and tested by manufacturer engineers at the production center. Diagnostic Tools Heavy Duty Trucks, Reach Stacker, Empty Handler, Fork Lift and Cranes. Our device has high-end and new style auto diagnostic based on Android system Internet application. It combines the vast vehicle coverage, strong diagnostic functions, and many special functions. The diagnostic tablet has advantage of sharing Online report, data, picture & video on click. A renowned shipyard which build any kind of vessel needed by customer and provides all kind of training and after sales and service support.
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